Before & After

Misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, crowns and veneers

Missing teeth, misaligned teeth root canal, crowns

Discolored teeth, erosion, chipped teeth

Missing tooth, gum recession, single implant placement and veneers

misaligned teeth, spacing, Invisalign, veneers

Misaligned teeth, old upper crowns, replaced with crowns and added veneers

Heavy grinder, 8 Crowns

Misaligned teeth, discolored, defective filling with cavities, Invisalign, veneers

Black triangles, grinder, veneers

Severe grinding and gummy smile

Misaligned teeth, discolored teeth, veneers

Misaligned, discolored teeth, veneers

Missing teeth, misaligned teeth, bridge crowns

Spacing, defective fillings, veneers, crowns

Misaligned teeth, Invisalign, veneers

Heavy grinder, combo veneers & crowns

Misaligned discolored teeth, veneers

Misaligned teeth, congenital missing tooth, combo veneers & crowns

Chipped & discolored teeth, veneers

Missing tooth, single implant placement, guided surgery

Chipped teeth, veneers

misaligned teeth, spacing, grinding

Gum recession, black triangles, grinding, combo veneers, crowns.

Missing teeth, misaligned teeth, crowns, implants, Invisalign.

Heavy grinder, veneers, crowns

Upper and lower implant supported dentures, all on 6