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Featured Image For COVID-19 Update

To ensure your safety, we have implemented additional measures in addition to our already stringent infection control. The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to raise our demanding standards to an even higher level with new protocols. We installed a Sentry Air System, ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) hospital grade filtration system to purify the air. […]

Featured Image For Manual or Electrical Toothbrush ?  Which one is better?

    This is one of our most frequently asked questions! Our answer? It’s not the brush that matters, it’s who’s doing the brushing. Let’s break that down. The goal of tooth brushing is to remove plaque from your teeth on a consistent (daily!) basis, so that we prevent the buildup of tartar which leads […]

Featured Image For Smile-Friendly Labor Day Foods

The team at our dental office in San Diego is pretty sure that the last thing on your mind when you’re enjoying food at a Labor Day picnic is your oral health. However, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to protecting our patients’ smiles. So in preparation for this year’s Labor Day celebration we’d […]

Featured Image For Is a Lost Filling a Dental Emergency?

Our dental office in San Diego understands that losing or breaking a filling can be scary. It may even be a a little painful. But many times a lost filling isn’t a dental emergency. However, with that said, it’s still important to treat it appropriately and in a timely manner. We’re here to walk you […]

Featured Image For The Importance of Sharing Your Medical History with Your Dentist

We know that the paperwork you’re required to fill out when you visit a new healthcare provider can be a hassle. We also understand that it may be tempting to rush through these forms. However, there’s a reason all of your doctors, including your dentist in San Diego, ask for all of that information. Because […]

Featured Image For How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Treat?

When it comes to sugar and dentists, it’s a well known fact that the two really don’t work well together. At our dental office in San Diego, we always encourage our patients to limit their sugar intake in order to keep their teeth protected. But sometimes knowing how much sugar is really in some of […]

Featured Image For Rejuvenate Your Smile with All-On-4 Implants !

Did you know that more than 35 million people in the United States of America don’t have all of their lower and upper teeth? Such individuals usually resort to dentures, considering how they are the traditional remedy for the problem. However, what most people don’t realize initially is that dentures come with a lot of […]

Featured Image For Oral Health for Seniors

Oral healthcare needs vary from person to person and even between age groups. That’s one reason our dental office in San Diego believes that individualized dental care is the best approach to keeping our neighbors healthy. And while several common dental concerns remain consistent through every stage of life, there are some unique ailments that […]

Featured Image For Looking for Migraine Relief? Consider Seeing Your Dentist

Over 39 million Americans, including both adults and children, are affected by chronic migraines, and currently there is no cure. In order to help educate the public on the reality of this painful condition, our San Diego dental office observes National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month every June. But why is a dentist talking about […]

Featured Image For Is Asthma to Blame for Cavities?

People with asthma know just how serious and scary of a disease it is. It causes airways to narrow, makes it hard to breathe, and can potentially be life-threatening. There is currently no cure, but there are advanced treatments and medications that can help keep airways open so more air can pass through. However, the […]


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COVID-19 UPDATE: To ensure your safety, we have implemented additional measures in addition to our already stringent infection control. Learn More.