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Featured Image For National Women’s Health Week

In just a few days we’ll celebrate National Women’s Health Week which kicks off appropriately on Mother’s Day, May 13th. This seven day celebration serves to raise awareness of the importance of following healthy habits for women of all ages. At our dental office in San Diego, we know that dental health is an important […]

Featured Image For IN THE NEWS

Botox: The Drug That’s Treating Everything January 05, 2017 via CNN During a recent therapy session, one of Dr. Norman Rosenthal’s regulars said he was considering suicide. It wasn’t the first time the patient had entertained the thought, and even though he was on antidepressants and always kept up with his appointments, Rosenthal, a licensed […]

Featured Image For April is National Facial Protection Month

As the weather gets warmer we all tend to spend more time outside. And perhaps our kids are participating in some fun spring sports. While we’re happy that they’re out the house doing something active, it’s not all fun and games when smiles and faces are at risk for injuries. That’s one reason our San […]

Featured Image For Oral Cancer By The Numbers

It’s scary when anyone mentions the word cancer, and oral cancer is no different. A serious and sometimes life threatening disease, oral cancer affects thousands of Americans each year – yet awareness and education regarding its seriousness isn’t often talked about. This Oral Cancer Awareness Month, the team at our dental office in San Diego […]

Featured Image For Is Your Family Getting Enough Calcium?

Calcium is most commonly noted as being a crucial mineral for strong bone development. However, at our dental office in San Diego we also know that calcium is an essential part of building strong and healthy teeth. But just how much calcium does your family need? The Importance of Calcium Before we dive into how […]

Featured Image For The Importance of Good Nutrition for Good Oral Health

Every March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month to raise awareness on the importance of eating a healthy diet for overall health. At our dental office in San Diego, we want to do our part and take this opportunity to also share the oral health benefits of eating a well-balanced diet. […]

Featured Image For Don’t Forget About Your Pet’s Oral Health

The team at our dental office in San Diego is committed to providing our neighbors with top-notch dental care so that each and every patient not only has a healthy smile, but a beautiful one too. However, there are some members of our community whose dental health is often overlooked…we’re talking about our beloved pets. […]

Featured Image For What You Need to Know About Oral Health and Your Heart

When you think about your oral health, you may only consider your teeth. But the bigger truth is that your oral health has a direct link to your overall health and even heart disease. As we begin the annual February celebration of American Heart Health Month, the team at our San Diego dental office has […]

Featured Image For Genes that Cause Periodontal Disease.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report states that 47.2% of all American adults have periodontitis, the more advanced form of periodontal disease. Yet relief may be in sight for this broad swath of the population, as the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine has identified 41 master regulator genes that may cause periodontal […]

Featured Image For Bone Defects

Is CBCT or intraoral radiology better for finding bone defects? In Tony Edward’s article, Is CBCT or intraoral radiology better for finding bone defects?, it focuses its lens on a study conducted by Lauren Oliveira Lima Bohner, D.D.S. Ms. Bohner studied whether cone-beam CT (CBCT) imaging is better than intraoral radiology imaging in detecting peri-implant […]


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