Our Technology

iTero Digital Scans

iTero digital scans use the latest modern dental technology and can take highly accurate impressions of a patient’s teeth. Gone are the days of uncomfortable scans that require multiple rounds for an accurate impression to be taken. iTero is also widely used as it gives the dentist a 3D view of the patient’s jaw. This helps during the consultation phase of the treatment and can give the patient a better idea of how the procedure can help with their issue.


CEREC is a restorative dental procedure that helps dentists create dental restorations from the comfort of their dental clinic. They’re used to fix a damaged tooth and can create highly specific ceramic restorations. CEREC is also incredibly convenient and will reduce overall wait times since we can handle dental work within the same appointment. We’d strongly recommend this procedure to anyone looking for a permanent restoration but doesn’t have the time to come in for multiple appointments. Learn More…

Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry aims to restore functionality and preserve the natural tooth’s structure. The restorative materials and techniques used to replicate the tooth’s aesthetics and biomechanics. Any tooth restored through biomimetic dentistry has the natural strength, functionality, and appearance of natural teeth. Examples of biomimetic dentistry include composite fillings and ceramic restorations. Learn More…

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry uses modern dental lasers to treat various dental conditions like hypersensitivity, tooth decay, and gum disease. We can even use it cosmetically to whiten teeth and eliminate stains and discoloration. Laser dentistry is popular among patients as it allows for a more comfortable experience since the cuts and incisions made to soft tissue are more precise, and the laser acts as a natural pain relief. Gummy smiles and crown lengthening are procedures that take full advantage of laser dentistry, and dentists can avoid using traditional scalpels.

bliss dental arts are your go-to dental clinic in San Diego, CA. Headed by Dr. Shervin Moshashaei, our team is extremely passionate about our patient’s oral health and strives to deliver a comfortable patient experience. Arrange your next appointment by giving us a call today. Learn More…

3D Scan

With 3D scan and imaging, we are able to get three dimensional scans of your jaw. This technology allows Dr. Shervin to preplan the most precise implant placement and provides the best outcome. We can be sure to a micro millimeters the position of vital structures such as nerves, the height, width and depth of bone available, thus a successful implant placement.

Further, this will help us choose the right implants for your jaw, therefore reducing the complications of implant dentistry to almost none.

  • Digital X-rays: the absolute minimal amount of radiation received. You receive 80% lower radiation with digital X-rays.
  • Every implant case is “virtual- surgically placed” in our Advanced 3D Virtual Implant software first before the actual surgery on our patient.
  • Seamless integration of 3D imaging and 3D printing of implant surgical guide for more precise and safer implant surgery.