Emergency Dentistry In San Diego, CA

Emergency Dentistry in San Diego, CA

Most people can’t predict the future, so they never know when they or one of their children will have a toothache or get hurt and break a tooth. The good news is that Dr. Shervin at bliss dental arts offers emergency dental services when you need them.

Emergency Services

We Offer During our emergency hours, routine services are not available from our dentist in San Diego, CA. Instead, Dr. Shervin will evaluate teeth after patients have experienced traumas, intense toothaches, and infections in the mouth. Regular dental fillings, cleanings, examinations, and other treatments will wait for regular appointment times. If you have what you believe to be an emergency, such as a broken tooth, missing filling, or an abscess, please call our office to find out when our dentist will be able to examine and fix the damage from your emergency. Calling ahead allows us to know what type of emergency dentistry near you is necessary. Plus, you will be more comfortable waiting at home than in a busy waiting room.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

If you’re unsure about seeking emergency dental help, here are some guidelines you can use. Seek emergency attention if you are experiencing:

Intense Toothaches

Contact our emergency dentist if you are experiencing severe tooth discomfort. Pain is usually a warning sign of infection, so getting the tooth examined is vital to its health. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever or place ice in a plastic bag, wrap the bag in a towel, and hold it to your face where the tooth is until you can see a dentist.

Tooth Injuries

If you fall or get hit and a tooth breaks, chips, cracks, or is loose; you should seek emergency dentistry in San Diego, CA. Until you see Dr. Shervin, rinse your mouth and tooth or its fragments with warm water and take the tooth or its pieces with you in enough milk to cover them.

Call us before you come into the office to find out when is the best time to be there to be seen by our dental clinic near you at bliss dental arts.

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