Partials and Complete Dentures

Partials and Complete Dentures in San Diego, CA

Sometimes, adults need to replace several teeth after they’ve sustained damage by disease or they’ve been in trauma and had them broken or knocked out. Although there are several options for replacing teeth, many patients choose between partials and dentures when deciding how to restore the function and appearance of their teeth.

Choosing Between Partial and Complete Dentures

The easiest way to decide between a partial plate or a complete set of dentures is as easy as determining how many teeth need replacing and where they are in your mouth. If teeth are missing on the upper and lower jaw, and several are also diseased or broken, our dentist near you at bliss dental arts may suggest that you remove the rest of your teeth so that you can get dentures.

However, if only a couple of teeth on opposite sides of a single jaw have decay, gum disease, or damage from trauma, Dr. Shervin will suggest that you get a partial. Not all teeth are salvageable, and extractions before replacing your teeth with partials and dentures in San Diego, CA may be the best alternative for many people.

Creating Your New Teeth

Before our dentist in San Diego, CA extracts your teeth, they will take impressions of your teeth with wax. You will bite down on a mold with wax inside it to make the impression. After finishing it, Dr. Shervin will give you the options for choosing the color and shape of your new teeth.

Our laboratory will make a model of your partials or dentures so that you can see how your new teeth look. If you desire, viewing them will allow you to change their appearance, such as tooth shape or color. After finalizing the order, the lab will produce your new teeth, and Dr. Shervin will fit them, making the necessary changes before you take them home.

If you’ve experienced trauma or have damaged teeth due to disease, book an appointment with Dr. Shervin at bliss dental arts to get new partials and dentures near you that you need to restore your smile and your confidence.

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