Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in San Diego, CA

The idea of having a root canal frightens many people because they’ve heard horror stories from friends and family about how painful they were and the complications they had from them. Fortunately, our dentist near you has the skills and medications to make root canal therapy as painless as possible. If you’re unsure about having it, there are tests that Dr. Shervin does to determine if a root canal at bliss dental arts is necessary.

Why are Root Canals Performed?

Before Dr. Shervin Moshashaei starts a root canal, they will assess the tooth’s condition. If it’s still viable, they will perform a root canal. However, if the tooth is not salvageable, they will recommend extraction. Dr. Shervin can perform several tests before determining that San Diego, CA’s root canal therapy is the proper treatment.

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Root Canal Tests

The tests used on teeth test its ability to recover and function properly. They will run tests for infection within the tooth, mobility, which is the ability of the tooth to stay in the center of its socket, and whether the nerve reacts to temperature changes.

Cold Test

One of the tests Dr. Shervin does is test nerve function. They place a cotton pellet on the tooth and spray it with refrigerant to make it cold. A healthy nerve will react to the cold and return to normal after removing the pellet.

Tapping on Tooth

The percussion from tapping on the tooth tells the dentist in San Diego, CA if it’s sensitive to the touch, it can indicate disease in the tooth. While the tapping can be uncomfortable for a healthy tooth, an extreme reaction tells Dr. Shervin the tooth needs root canal therapy near you.

Probing the Tooth

It is necessary because it informs Dr. Shervin if the pain is from the tooth or gums. They probe the periodontal attachment and gingiva to test their health.

If you’re having extreme pain from your tooth, it’s swollen, or turning a dark red, book an appointment at bliss dental arts. Dr. Shervin will test your tooth to determine if you need root canal therapy.

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