It's so hard to find a good dentist and I finally found one!! I need to have quite extensive work done and have been avoiding going to the dentist for years. After my initial consult Dr. Shervin went over a treatment plan that he developed which broke down my immediate needs in order to avoid additional damage and also broke down what I could postpone, if needed. I didn't feel pressured into anything and felt comfortable and confident about my treatment plan. So far, I've had a very positive experience all around and just finished my second treatment with them. The office and staff are very welcoming, creat a calming environment and really made me feel at ease the entire time. I really appreciate the attention to detail, quality work and making sure I understood the procedures as they were being done. I also really appreciate Dr Shervin's flexibility and involving me in the treatment plans as we proceeded. Overall happy with my care and recommend Bliss Dental.


Simply AMAZING! My experience with Dr. Shervin and his staff was exceptional. They went over and beyond to be helpful from my first call to the office. I have severe anxiety about all dental procedures including cleanings! But Dr. Shervin, the hygienists/technicians, and administrative staff, made my visits much less stressful. This doctor is stellar: from entering his office and into a chair and then listening to the softness of his voice was totally relaxing. I received outstanding service. Bliss dental has state-of-the-art equipment, it's clean, TVs in every room and all the beverages you would like. They offer other great services on a menu that lights up. You can select these services that will assist through your procedures like glasses to protect your eyes, neck pillow, warm blankets, pain relief, and many more. I had great experiences at all my dental appointments with Dr. Shervin and I even got to watch my dental crown being made in a glass machine. I have now finished a series of procedures. Dr. Shervin will take care of you from start to finish and beyond. This has been quite an experience and a great one!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED HELP... Dr. Shervin has transformed my teeth showing GREAT SMILES.


The most relaxing, gentle & easy wisdom teeth extraction that I have ever had! Dr. Shervin Moshashei is such a pro - he took two of my wisdom teeth out and I didn't feel anything. I didn't even feel the numbing part of the procedure since he was so gentle. The whole procedure was very quick and the doctor and his team made sure I had everything I needed to take care of my extraction sites when I went home. I also learned that Dr. Moshashei only sees one patient at the time, so you get his undivided attention. He really cares about his patients because after I got my wisdom teeth out, he made sure that I was getting picked up. You can tell he really puts all of his thought and care into his patients - I recommend this place to everyone!


Dr. Shervin and the rest of his team have been absolutely amazing. I've needed extensive dental work done, including an implant recently. Though a not so fun process, this team has made it as painless as possible, they always listen to any questions/concerns regarding the procedures I need done, and have been extremely flexible when working around other medical appointments I've had! They also have been extremely personable and take their time to ensure the best care possible! In the past, I have had major anxiety going to dentists and pushed it off as much as I could, as well as had some traumatic experiences as a child with dental staff. Going to this dentist has completely switched that mindset. I no longer hate going to the dentist and know I'm in great hands at Bliss Dental Arts. Highly recommend going here for any and all dental needs, whether routine or extensive procedures!


I hadn’t been to the dentist in about 3, maybe 4 years. I recently got dental insurance again so I knew I was well overdue for a check up and cleaning. I was searching on my insurance website for dentists. Bliss Dental Arts came up as a top rated dentist. Bonus they are 0.5 miles from my house! I decided to call on a Friday afternoon and get an appointment scheduled. They had an available slot for the following Monday at 8 am! :) I filled out my insurance forms on my phone before the appointment which was convenient. I got a compressive exam, x-rays, and full sit down on what’s going on with my teeth and gums. Then I got a deep cleaning from the best hygienist I’ve had. She was thorough, nice, and gentle. Super knowledgeable too. Unfortunately for me, I needed a few fillings and I got an appointment 4 days from the exam date! Super easy to get an appointment. Incredibly clean office, professionalism ant every step, and friendly staff. I was scared of the dentist, especially after so long, and now I’m not afraid anymore!


My first visit at the Bliss Dental Arts was about last week. The color 3d x-ray of my whole teeth in my mouth stood out to me. Never saw that before. I believe it is a must experience for everyone. Because, it shows your current teeth condition and what needs to be worked on into the future. It is a lot better than looking at the mirror. Or, just a dentist telling you things. Dr. Shervin compliments this technology by letting you see it, while explaining what's going on with your teeth. He explains things very well, does not rush it, and makes sure that I understand. Dr. Shervin is focus when he communicates. To be interpreted as important to what he is saying and answers questions. He let me know the top priority that needs to be done. In addition, Dr. Shervin used another x-ray, which is black and white. I think it is used for density for the bone, where my implant would go. To check, if it is ready or strong enough. I looked at the Bliss Dental Arts website under "our technologies" I am guessing the color 3d x-ray is called the "iTero digital scan". Seems like Dr. Shervin is an educator. Because he also used two different physical visual aids models for explaining two different types of implants, that can be used in my situation. I also had regular cleaning done on my first day, which went very good. Jaime helped out in this process. So far so good, five star on my first day.


I am very happy with the dental care I received from Dr Shervin at Bliss Dental Arts. He is not only a skilled professional, but also is attentive and addresses patient needs and concerns well. He provided guidance on my wisdom teeth extraction and helped address cavities. He was artful and handled some complicated crown placements for my second molar RCTs and all the fillings look very professional and natural. He also helped with my Invisalign plan and I'm happy with his service. His staff is friendly and helpful. The hygienist is gentle and thorough. The assistants are attentive and supportive. The office is clean and modern with a nice and relaxing ambiance with a lot of forms and scheduling and treatment plan tracking done well through software. The equipment is up-to-date and well-maintained. The location is convenient and easy to find and parking is a breeze right by the office and is assigned for patients. I highly recommend this office to others seeking dental care.


My experience at Bliss Dental Art has been amazing. From my first bust they did everything to make me feel comfortable and used the most advanced technology in the industry to get a deep understanding of my overall teeth heath. The doctor provided me with recommendations to help support my health and measures to reduce plaque build up and cavities. The office is clean and everyone is super polite and go above their way to make my experience as though I’m the only patient. I also opted to get Invisalign and they been more than helpful and supported with my payment options.


Now that half a year has passed since my experience at Bliss Dental Arts, I feel fit to give an honest review. I had a check up at another Dental location this week. As verified by the new dentist not-affiliated with Bliss Dental Arts, I was told for the first time that my teeth look fantastic, that I have little to no plaque, and that my gums look especially healthy and I will now need no work done!! I owe the success of my dental health to Dr Shervin Moshashaei and his hygienist assistant at Bliss! There are a number of outstanding services that they provided for me. The primary one being the high-definition photos that his assistant took of my teeth for no additional cost. That camera gave me a full picture of how well I am brushing my teeth, and what areas I could care for better. The second reason I am beyond grateful for Dr Shervin and his staff is that when Dr Shervin found out I am disabled, he took it upon himself to perform my cleaning and polishing treatment on the spot so that I would not have to make extra trips back to his office. The third reason I would highly recommend his office is because he and his assistant took a lot of extra care and time when filling my cavities, to make sure that the work would not changed the original feeling of my bite. I knew I had found a good dentist when Dr Shervin insisted to do new x-rays of my teeth without me having to pay, instead of relying on some x-ray PDFs of my teeth forwarded to him from another office. Also, the reception team are worth mentioning. They are available for me every time I call, and they are also available by text. Unlike other dental offices in San Diego, the reception staff are exceptionally efficient in collecting patient information and history, and in responding to my emails very quickly. I must say that the entire office at Bliss are exceptionally skilled, polite are highly considerate towards my disability and towards the emotional toll that can come with having dental work done.


If anyone is looking for a dentist I highly recommend Bliss Dental Arts in Scripps Ranch. Their office is located about 10 min off base and it was a beyond incredible experience! Not only do they take Tricare (Concordia Dental), they are accepting new patients. I was quoted approximately $900 for 10+ expensive procedures (crowns, fillings, etc.) where even in Mexico I had paid over $600 USD for just one. Their office is showered in plenty of recognition regalia and the office itself is beautiful. They have amazing technology, great customer service, punctual, and they even have a comfort menu which includes warm blankets, dark glasses, ear plugs, etc. if you are not a fan of the dentist.


My husband and I are always satisfied with our appointments at Bliss. What sets this office apart from others that I’ve been to in the past is that they actually care about my dental health and go into details about what’s wrong and how I can best remedy any problems I have. They do not make me feel judged for any issues I may have with my dental health which helps make the trip to the dentist less daunting. It also helps that the staff is kind and the office space is very nice and inviting. Highly recommend


Have been going here for a few years now and they have consistently great service and great communication before, during, and after my appointments. Staff and Doctor are very kind and attentive. Every appointment I have is very quick and I get seated for it in a very timely manner. They always answer any questions I have and I constantly have a good experience here.


I absolutely love Bliss Dental ! The office is state of the art and spotless ! I love the staff they are so friendly and knowledgeable!! I am from Boston and by far choose this office over the one back in Boston ! I have gone twice and already have next appointment set ! Trust their opinion and going to have them do big procedure that I was going to have Boston do ! Love them ! Go you will not be disappointed!!


1st. time, was looking for dentist for cleaning teeth, putting a crown on broken front tooth, and filling 2 cavities. Quote was very reasonable. Both Dr. Shervin Moshashaei and assistant were extremely pleasant and informative. State of the art equipment had all work done in 3 hours. Unlike other dentists, Dr. Moshashaei did most all of the work himself! Best ever experience with a dentist.


I have been searching for a new dentist since my dentist of 20+ years retired 10 years ago. I wasn’t successful finding someone I could trust who was similar to my former dentist…until now! Dr. Shervin and staff are wonderful. They have a clean office, use modern technology, and they’re always so pleasant. They are genuinely concerned about your comfort as demonstrated by the “Comfort Menu” they offer to their patients. I was very impressed with the new management and I highly recommend them!


I've been going to Bliss Dental Arts for several years now, and it's always been a great experience. They are attentive and give me all the information I need and are always ready to answer any questions I have. The new management has been great and the transition felt seamless with my history of visits and they've been transparent with all the services required and recommended. They're also good at keeping track of my appointments and sending me reminders so I don't forget, and they are accommodating when I need to reschedule. So I appreciate that.